Cherkassy medical college




Annotation:  The article under consideration deals with the problem of overcoming psychological barriers students come across with during communication with public or mass media.

         The idea of inviting medium-successful students into the extracurricular activity appeared last year. Then our efforts were directed to overcoming the psychological barrier, which remains one of the main causes of ineffective perception and reproduction of speech at the English lessons.

         They were given the task to prepare a report highlighting one of the medical problems. They coped with this task as well as their more successful group-mates due to the teacher’s trust and the responsibility they felt.

         We tried to invite for the work in our project those who trembled while making a report in the class, who never tried to show his or her talent to the audience, and who ran to the other side of the street escaping from a TV interviewing.  They were to overcome the fear of stage, public, microphone and video camera.  Our work with such students usually began with a confidential talk at the end of which they were assured that it was high time to overcome his or her fears. Some of them were from non-complete families, while the others escaped from the military conflict in the eastern regions of our country. But it was a real challenge for us to work with the students whose parents or relatives were in the army and fought at the battlefield. It is clear that the arguments used for each student were different. Nevertheless, there were some who agreed at first, but later refused. Naturally, our idea would not be successful without the senior students  who showed good examples for the others, without friendly atmosphere that made the students of different age and interest good friends after the project.



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