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THANKGIVING Hand-outs r here

Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons So here for your entertainment are some fun Holiday things for you and your family. We've got stories of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, turkeys to take home, holiday pictures for the kids to print and color, tasty holiday recipes and e-greeting cards to send your friends and family. We hope you find something you like! Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November, which this year (2011) is November 24th.

There are many ways to celebrate and express thanks at Thanksgiving. Even in difficult times, there are always things for which to be grateful. Some companies have adopted the practice of sending Thanksgiving Cards to express their gratitude to their customers and business associates. Thanksgiving cards may not have been part of history when the tradition first began but they do convey the original sentiment behind the holiday. 

Did You Know? (Thanksgiving)

Here is a fun look at some of the facts and figures that describe how Americans will be enjoying 
Throughout history mankind has celebrated the harvest with thanksgiving ceremonies




THANKGIVING Hand-outs r here

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