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Why do people go to cinema ?


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  • ............well i don't know what to say but i think that people who likes go to the cinema find that there the watching is much better than buy film and watch it at home, but up to me i think that cinema has something speacial that can't be explained by any other one exept if we go there and see what pleasure can make to us !!!
  • .........I go to the cinema almost twice a week. Simply because watching a movie on a big giant screen, with a good sound system, in the dark, without having anything interrupting it...there's nothing to do with being at home.

    The atmosphere makes me forget all what is around me and concentrate 100% on the movie. Also... I like the popcorn they sell there
  • ...........i actually do not know why the majority ,if we can say,of people go to cinema .but i do not know why they prefer cinema on watching television at home .
    in fact,to some extent, watching television at home is the same as going to cinema .
    i would like to know why do people go to cinema ?
  • ............maybe some people say that cinema is better than watching television because what they are seeing in cinema is completely different whith what they watch in television at home .otherwise , they will have no idea about the new modern films.
    in my opinion , i have no different between both .but i prefer to go to cinema than .
  • What do you think ? What do you prefer and why ?

    PART 2

    anwers from one forum:

Kathleen GraceKathleen Graceartist, photographer, top writer 2015... (more)
It's entertainment - it's actually leaving the house and going to do something, it's sitting in a darkened theater without any distractions and getting totally immersed in a visual story.  It's sitting and munching on popcorn, seeing and hearing in a way you could never do at home.  And the phone won't ring, a neighbor won't drop in, you won't get interrupted (generally), and I really don't know anyone who has a screen that darn big.  Movies are meant to be seen larger than life, to fill our minds and imagination with something greater.  I'll never stop going - watching on a puny computer screen or even a huge lcd still is no comparison.
Charles Kennedy Jr.Charles Kennedy Jr.Aspiring Filmmaker
upvote by Kathryn Schroeder.
I enjoy the atmosphere of watching a movie in the theater more than watching a stream. And some movies (like Gravity) just need to be seen on a large screen.
Ted SaydalavongTed SaydalavongFounder/Chief Strategist at Yourmovie... (more)
Big screen and great surround sound. Streaming can't offer me lossless surround sound like at the IMAX theater. I have a pretty nice home theater setup, a 100 inch widescreen front projection and a 7.1 surround sound. But I still love seeing movies at the theater, especially IMAX.
Paul TurnerPaul TurnerWorked in theaters for decades. Built... (more)
upvote by Stefan Kiryazov.
Because going out to see a movie is "going out." With a little planning, it can be an inexpensive way to get out of the house and do something with someone. The added bonus for me is that I can do something with someone and not have to talk to them. Might have a little to do with why I also love motorcycles...
Shawn BellShawn BellAuthor, Screenwriter, Media God
Seeing a movie in a theater is a completely different experience.
Mayank KatariaMayank KatariaHuman by birth, Hacker & Hedonist by ... (more)
Most of us won't have a 30 feet LCD monitor or television.
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